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On these web pages we would like to offer you already a well-trained dog for your safety and guarding of your property. Warning – almost no untrained dog can not guard you and your property.

About us:

Our company has been doing property and persons guarding more than 25 years . Please don´t forget the fact that even when hi-tech security technology is available, a well trained guard dog raises respect and if possible the most offenders prefer to avoid dealing with it.

To train a dog in order to keep safe property and persons is not an easy task and it takes time. The dog must go through time demanding professional and always individual training. The dog must manage not only the basic obedience and be fully socialized, but must react well at attacks.

After the basic training the professional trainer defines what is the dog talented for and according to this he chooses the particular dog training. At the same time he watches very carefully the dog´s health condition. Every dog goes through a complex veterinary examination and only an absolutely healthy dog goes on in trainings according to client requests.

I am interested in the dog

If you thing about buying a dog (companion, guard, house guard etc.), it is good to discuss it with a professional in order to make sure what kind of dog you want and need, about its role in your life and what means to take care of a dog.

It is also important not to believe unprofessional sellers that a puppy or an older dog offered by them can recognize a neighbour, a doctor, mother-in-law and children who come to play from thieves or other bad people. This is not true.

As the security technology monitoring houses (video camera, alarms) has been improved , the dog quality training has been improved too but also the offenders´ aggressivity and impudence has increased. Nowadays a barking little dog behind the fence is not enough and it is no obstacle for the bad people. The dog behind the fence must attack the enemy and the show clear aggressivity that an uninvited guest is not welcome.

Offered dog groups:

Family dog:

Fully socialized dog, not aggressive towards kids, doesn´t get scared by various noises. The dog can be taken into the car, is not afraid of being in a building. He manages basic obedience. He can bark out an offender (area), bites into protective sleeve, is not scared of hit movement and helper´s intimidation. This dog is able and willing to learn new things in the future and it depends on new owner´s aim which way to direct the dog.

Guard dog:

It manages the same as family dog and is self-reliant as far as defence. It is suitable for bigger family houses, private companies, speditions (shipping companies), warehouses, smaller production areas etc. This dog behind the fence demonstrates clearly its readiness for a hard attack with no compromise towards a potential offender. This dog is able to do an independent action as the offender enters the guarded area. The dog should guard the property by biting the person all over his body, the dog should always attack the person (even if running, standing, lying, shouting, crying etc.) any way of communication with the dog.

The ways of guarding:

  • 1. Attached guarding: The dog is attached to a cca 10 m long chain or to a cable run and guards the particular area (for example entrance area, front door, garage, machine etc.) This way of guarding is suitable in case of no fence.
  • 2. Corridor: Guarded house (area) is fenced by inner fences where a dog (dogs) can run and an offender must go overcome this area.
  • 3. Free guarding: The dog can move free in the whole guarded area, if needed also in buildings.

Personal guard dog:

It can manage the same as guard dog + can accompany and protect the master in open area. It can protect the master attacked by offender, can chase and keep the offender towards you , can guard a person at body search and transport. His is even tempered, is trained perfectly, can accompany his master in buildings, public area in offices, hotels etc.

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